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DTR1 is a technical solution which allows power transformers to be used more efficiently


Our software solution allows power system operators to transfer more capacity using already operational transformers, giving room for the expansion of renewable power sites and more flexibility.

Climate action requires increasing the amount of renewable energy sources very fast, which poses several challenges for industries and societies. We need to lower the cost of green electricity to make it more competitive with fossil fuels. Transformers are key elements in the power system and quite often bottlenecks for renewable energy expansion; we need to unlock their potential.

DTR - Dynamic Transformer Rating. Dynamic rating is a method of taking advangate of actual assets capacity by monitoring weather and load conditions in real-time and using thermal balance of the component to determine true maximum load limit at the given moment and for the near future.

DTR-1 is a software solution, which provides system operators with real-time predicitons and decision support for operating their power transformers using dynamic rating. By doing so an operator or other asset owner would be able to use the component to its full potential without compromising the lifetime. 


- better component utilization

- more flexible power grid

- less congestion

- better dispatch of renewables

- lower electricity price

- reduced need in investment in new components



Data collection. Collect real-time weather and load data; collect data of your assets past performance. Determine assets current status, rate of loss of life and remaining lifetime


Connect the dots. Our algorithm is able to analyze real-time asset condition and temperature distribution of your transformer in order to give an accurate estimate of the maximum capacity and potential loss of life


Decision support. Once you are provided with future predictions, you are able to regulate the capacity and immediately know what consequences it will have. Additionally, we will tip you with the best decision for each case


Costs and risks. We provide information on the asset status in real-time. Every time you overload your transformer you will know exactly how many hours of the projected lifetime have been used.


We are a team of experienced professional entrepreneurs and researchers who believe in sustainable power delivery and less connected power grids

Researchers in our team have more than 6 years of experience working on improving dynamic rating and studying real case power transformers and their ageing. We believe there is a lot of potential for improvement of power transformer operation and design.


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Renewable power

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Literally has a PhD in this. 6 years of research experience, joint projects with the largest asset owners and manufacturers in Sweden and Denmark. Creator, Researcher, Visionary, Rubick's cube enthusiast, Jack of all trades - Master of many



Passionate about renewable power development. 10 years of experience with Wind repowering and hydrogen storage. Entrepreneur, sustainability wizard, art lover, believes in live conversations and great projects



A full-stack developer equipped with many tools. Elena has 6+ years of experience as a software developer at a major institution and a degree in Computer Science from KTH. She develops projects A to Z!